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Werner Antweiler Werner Antweiler, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Sauder School of Business
University of British Columbia

Professor Antweiler has been at the University of British Columbia since 1996 after graduating with a doctorate in economics from the University of Toronto. Since 2010 he teaches a course on environmental management, and his experience teaching this course led to the creation of the textbook Elements of Environmental Management. His course (COMM 487/597) is offered to senior undergraduate students at the business school as well as graduate students from other faculties, in particular masters students from UBC's Clean Energy Research Centre. Professor Antweiler's research encompasses environmental economics, international economics, applied econometrics, and applied finance. He is also the director of the Sauder School of Business Prediction Markets.

The ground-breaking 2001 American Economic Review article "Is Free Trade Good for the Environment?", co-authored with UBC Professor Brian Copeland from UBC and Professor Scott Taylor from the University of Calgary, is one of the most-cited studies in environmental economics. In the study, Antweiler and his co-authors examined the impact of trade liberalization on the environment, a question which had puzzled researchers for years. The Association of Environmental and Resource Economists recognized the authors' achievement with an award in June 2013.

Together with Prof. Kathryn Harrison, Antweiler has also analyzed the efficacy of voluntary emission reduction programs, the effect of green consumerism and regulatory threats. They have worked extensively with data from Canada's National Pollutant Release Inventory. Antweiler has also been working with Prof. Sumeet Gulati on the environmental effects of accelerated vehicle retirement programs. Professor Antweiler's most recent research is focused on the environmental and economic benefits of increased cross-border trade in electricity.

Professor Antweiler was raised in Germany and attended the University of Cologne before pursuing advanced studies in Canada. Professor Antweiler is married to Dr Melanie Antweiler, a fisheries and maritime policy expert. Together with their two young children they live in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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