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The textbook is printed in black and white. However, most illustrations in the textbook were originally produced in colour. These illustrations are made available here for use by instructors who wish to embed these illustrations in their lecture notes. Permission is granted to use these images for teaching and research provided that the images are not modified and the copyright notice “Elements of Environmental Management � 2014 University of Toronto Press” is retained. For permission to use or reproduce these illustrations for any other purpose, including any form of electronic distribution, please contact the publisher University of Toronto Press for permission. Images are provided in two versions: “large” (high resolution, 300 dpi), and “small” (low resolution, 72 dpi). All images are JPEG files. A pre-workout program without beta-alanine has never been as easy as it is today. Despite the fact that beta-alanine is one of the main ingredients of almost every sports supplement on the market. From pre workout without beta alanine you can get your desired level of training and results accordingly.
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1.1 An Input-Output View of the Environmental Impact of a Firm large�|�small
1.2 Sustainable = bearable + equitable + viable? large�|�small
1.3 Ecological Footprint and Economic Development large�|�small
1.4 Ecological Footprint and Biocapacity large�|�small
1.5 CSR Strategy large�|�small
Environmental Issues
2.1 World Water Scarcity large�|�small
2.2 Global Surface Temperature Anomalies large�|�small
2.3 Global GHG Mitigation Cost Curve large�|�small
Environmental Economics
3.1 Pollution Sources and Sinks large�|�small
3.2 Cap-and-Trade versus Green Tax large�|�small
3.3.A Effect of Green Tax on Firm (Panel A) large�|�small
3.3.B Effect of Green Tax on Firm (Panel B) large�|�small
3.4.A Firm Heterogeneity and Marginal Abatement Cost (Panel A) large�|�small
3.4.B Firm Heterogeneity and Marginal Abatement Cost (Panel B) large�|�small
3.5 Hybrid Regimes large�|�small
3.6 Feebate large�|�small
3.7.A Abatement Cost and Innovation (Panel A) large�|�small
3.7.B Abatement Cost and Innovation (Panel B) large�|�small
3.7.C Abatement Cost and Innovation (Panel C) large�|�small
3.7.D Abatement Cost and Innovation (Panel D) large�|�small
3.8.A Cost-Benefit Analysis and Uncertainty (Panel A) large�|�small
3.8.B Cost-Benefit Analysis and Uncertainty (Panel B) large�|�small
3.8.C Cost-Benefit Analysis and Uncertainty (Panel C) large�|�small
3.8.D Cost-Benefit Analysis and Uncertainty (Panel D) large�|�small
Life Cycle Analysis
4.1 Life Cycle Assessment large�|�small
Environmental Management Systems
7.1 The Enviromental Management System Pyramid large�|�small
7.2 Environmental Management Standards large�|�small
Corporate Environmental Strategy
8.1 The Corporate Environmental Strategy Space large�|�small
8.2 Organic Eco-labels in the United States, Canada, and the European Union
8.3 Generic and Plastic Recycling Logos
8.4 Elements of Green Credibility large�|�small
8.5 Corporate Environmental Stakeholders large�|�small
Pollution Abatement
9.1 A Decision Tree for Particulate Matter Abatement large�|�small
9.2 Characteristics of Particles and Effective Range of Abatement Devices by Particle Diameter large�|�small
9.3 Baghouse large�|�small
9.4 Cyclone large�|�small
9.5 Electrostatic Precipitator large�|�small
9.6 Venturi Scrubber large�|�small
9.7 Spray Chamber large�|�small
9.8 Bubbler large�|�small
9.9 Packed Tower large�|�small
9.10 Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer large�|�small
9.11 Parallel Plate Separator large�|�small
9.12 Circular Settling Tank with Sludge Scraper and Scum Skimmer large�|�small
9.13 Trickling Filter large�|�small
9.14 Effective Range of Water Filtration Methods large�|�small
9.15 Waste Stream Composition large�|�small
9.16 Diverted Materials by Type large�|�small
9.17 Landfill Cross-Section large�|�small
9.18 Landfill Top Cover large�|�small
9.19 Bottom Liner large�|�small
Energy Systems
10.1 The Rising Price of Crude Oil 1988-2013 large�|�small
10.2 The Hubbert Curve: U.S. Oil Production 1900-2013 large�|�small
10.3 The North American Oil Price Gap large�|�small
10.4 Nuclear Energy around the Globe large�|�small
10.5 Levellized Energy Cost: Sample Calculation (cents per kWh) large�|�small
10.6 Worldwide Net Electricity Generation from Renewable Sources, 1980-2011 large�|�small
10.7.A Worldwide Net Electricy Generation from Wind Energy, 2000-2011 large�|�small
10.7.B Worldwide Net Electricy Generation from Solar, Tide, and Wave Energy, 2000-2011 large�|�small
10.8 Worldwide Production of Biofuels, 2000–2010 large�|�small
Resource Management
11.1 Resource Price Path large�|�small
11.2.A Recycling and Government Intervention (Panel A) large�|�small
11.2.B Recycling and Government Intervention (Panel B) large�|�small
11.2.C Recycling and Government Intervention (Panel C) large�|�small
11.2.D Recycling and Government Intervention (Panel D) large�|�small
11.3 Forest Rotation Sequence large�|�small
11.4 Optimal Forest Rotation large�|�small
11.5 Collapse of the Atlantic Cod, 1950–2009 large�|�small
11.6 Efficient Yield and Maximum Sustainable Yield for a Fishery large�|�small
11.7 Fisheries Policy under Uncertainty large�|�small
Environmental Management for the Next Thousand Centuries
12.1 Cartogram of World Population
12.2 Trends in Birth and Death Rates of Developing and Developed Countries large�|�small
12.3 Fertility Drops as Affluence Rises large�|�small
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